February 2020 Release

Learn SaaS release v3800.2.0 was released in stages to Production environments beginning on February 6, 2020.

Highlights of the release include: 

Ultra Base Navigation:

  • Java 11 JDK and Building Blocks – This release uses a new version of Java, Java 11 JDK.
  • Blackboard’s Privacy Statement and Terms of Use links – These links now appear at the bottom of the global navigation bar.

Ultra Course View:

  • Group self-enrollment enhancement – Now students can change self-enrollment groups themselves within the instructor-specified enrollment period.
  • Group counter enhancement – The “Number of groups” drop-down menu has been replaced with a counter that tracks the number of groups.
  • Expanded Ally support for accessible content – Students and instructors now have access to Ally’s alternative formats and accessibility indication for content directly in the Ultra course outline. Ally’s accessibility indication is available in Ultra Assessments for content embedded in the rich text editor.
  • Pearson's MyLab and Mastering (MLM) Partner Cloud integration – MLM can now be used in Learn Ultra courses via the MLM Partner Cloud integration.

View all the details in the Learn SaaS release notes