Moving to the Ultra Base Navigation and SaaS has been great. It was a painless transition and we should have done it long before we did.

Tiffany Cantrell, Director of Faulkner University Online
Tiffany Cantrell
Director of Faulkner University Online
Faulkner University

Reason for moving to the Ultra experience: 

“Our faculty and students wanted an LMS that was new and up-to-date, current at all times, and required no downtime.”

Transition timeline:

  • Summer 2018 – Decision to recommit to Blackboard for Learn Ultra
  • Summer 2018 – Moved to SaaS from Managed Hosting
  • Fall 2018 – Turned on the Ultra Base Navigation


Perspective on Learn Ultra:

“After completing a thorough LMS re-evaluation, the committee decided to stay with Blackboard. We saw nothing from the competition great enough to justify a move.”

“Our technical specialist left Faulkner precisely when we were moving to SaaS. Our Blackboard support person became an extension of our team and was so good that we didn’t have a single moment of panic. To this day, it’s incredibly comforting to know that Blackboard support is only a phone call away.”

“We had been running a very old version of Learn. Having access now with SaaS to the most up-to-date functionality without impacting uptime is tremendous for our users.”

“Faculty and students have shared that the Ultra Base Navigation is easy to use and that they like the design of it. Being an iPad school, students also value the responsiveness of the interface across all devices.”

About Faulkner University:

  • Montgomery, Alabama
  • 3,300 FTE
  • Blackboard client since 2006
  • Blackboard products: Learn, Collaborate, Help Desk Support