We have always led the adoption of best practices in education and our digital transformation will be no exception. We needed a state-of-the-art LMS to support this evolution, and Blackboard Learn Ultra is the perfect fit for us.

Dr. Osama A. Kensara
Dr. Osama A. Kensara
BMC Dean
Batterjee Medical College

Reason for moving to Ultra: 

After thorough evaluation, BMC selected Blackboard Learn Ultra over competing solutions for its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and streamlined workflows. 

Transition timeline:

  • Early 2019  – Decision made to migrate from a homegrown LMS to Learn Ultra

  • June 2019  – Learn Ultra instance is live

  • September 2019  – Faculty begin using Learn Ultra 

Perspective on Learn Ultra:

Inline with Saudi’s Vision 2030 educational objectives, BMC has embarked on a digital transformation process. That’s why we decided to replace our homegrown LMS with Learn Ultra— to reap the benefits of SaaS deployment, including zero downtime updates and quicker delivery of enhancements and new features.”

BMC will leverage Learn Ultra to introduce blended learning, employ new interactive assessment methods, and enable anywhere-anytime teaching and learning opportunities.

“We wanted to take teaching and learning to the next level but found we could not implement innovative strategies without a powerful, flexible LMS to support our teachers and our learners."


  • Located in Saudi Arabia

  • BMC is the largest specialised private medical college in Saudi Arabia

  • More than 2,000 students

  • Blackboard client since 2019

  • Blackboard product: Learn Ultra

"Batterjee Medical College Selects Blackboard Learn Ultra to Support Digital Transformation"