The migration to SaaS exceeded our expectations, and faculty and student acceptance of the Ultra Base Navigation was much faster than anticipated.

Judy Wright of Angelina College
Judy Wright
Senior Director of Distance Education
Angelina College

Reason for moving to the Ultra experience: 

“With a new administration, we were reassessing many of our systems. We decided that continuing with Blackboard was our best choice.”

Transition timeline:

In December 2016, over the winter break Angelina College:

  • Moved to SaaS from Managed Hosting
  • Enabled the Ultra Base Navigation from the start
  • Partnered with the Blackboard team to test the migration including all 3rd party integrations

Perspective on Learn Ultra:

“The Blackboard team was invaluable and always available; they didn’t mind if they were asked a billion questions, which made the process incredibly easy.”

“Continuous deployment is like getting a gift every day. Faculty don’t necessarily even realize the features are new, rather something exciting they found. This is so much easier than planning for a major upgrade.”

“Acceptance of the Ultra Base Navigation was much faster than expected. Instructors are enjoying the new workflow—especially the Activity Stream—the modern look, and how easy it is to use.”

“Better mobile usability will help us increase access to those living in rural communities as well as military personnel and their spouses who have had to move prior to finishing their program.”