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Blackboard Reporting Stack: LMS Reporting & Usage Tool

When institutions consider the quality and effectiveness of the online educational experience, or look to identify students who are at risk, understanding how widely online tools and content are being used across the institution is the first question that needs to be answered. How can we manage this aspect of learning if the systems we are using to deliver it aren’t widely adopted? 

Understand Adoption of Your Blackboard SaaS Teaching and Learning Products

The Blackboard Reporting Stack will help institutions to measure tool adoption by providing end-user-facing reports to key stakeholders* and enables developers and analysts to answer more complex questions by providing direct access to a comprehensive data model. 

* planned feature not yet available 

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Measure Adoption

Understand how different tools are being used across your institution using reports that span the breadth of your Blackboard SaaS learning ecosystem.* 

Data Dictionary

Answer Complex Questions

Developers and analysts can access the data directly and build complex SQL queries with the help of our comprehensive data dictionary. 

Pyramid Report Creation

Take Ownership of Your Data

Connect to industry-standard business intelligence tools to build your own reports and dashboards. 

The Blackboard Reporting Stack is now available.

The Blackboard Reporting Stack is free to Blackboard Learn SaaS clients in eligible locations. Request access via Behind the Blackboard.

Blackboard Data bears consideration by institutions that want a data platform to underpin their teaching and learning ecosystems and improve the flow of meaningful data to different stakeholders.

James Wiley
Principal Analyst for Technology
James Wiley

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