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Blackboard Intelligence: Student Data Management System

To accelerate the pace of high quality post-secondary degree production, institutions need a way to gain a holistic perspective that minimizes complexity and surfaces actionable insights from the mountains of data they already have. 

Identify Barriers to Student Progression & Optimize Institutional Performance

Blackboard Intelligence is a complete suite of data management, performance dashboard, and reporting solutions to help you understand and optimize every dimension of your college or university.

Intel Data Integrity

Improved Data Integrity

Data are validated and systematically checked so that inconsistencies are eliminated and standard data definitions are preserved. 

Student Management Dashboard

A Single Source of Truth

A centralized, trustworthy, authoritative, and accessible source of institutional information improves communication and minimizes disagreements so that the right decisions can be made more quickly. 

Intel Longitude

Greater Insight

The ability to easily perform longitudinal analyses, correlate measures, and filter and slice by critical dimensions renders your data more meaningful than ever before. 

Already a Blackboard Analytics Client? Now What?

We are your partners in change. Our team of experts will work with you to respond to the emerging needs of your institution, and increase your impact using data you already have.

A 360° view of Institutional Performance and Student Success

Student Management

With self-service access to student data, you can make significant improvements to your recruiting strategies and create proactive retention plans. Find out exactly what’s working and what needs to be improved at every stage of the student life cycle. 

Financial Aid: Turn Financial Aid Data into Actionable Information

Key metrics essential for effective, data-informed management of financial aid. Easy access to information that institutional leaders need to make informed decisions. The information content of our pre-built, extensible data model spans the entire financial aid process, integrating enrollment and admissions data for targeted analysis. 

Finance: Optimize Financial Planning

Access financial reporting and user-friendly analytics that go beyond the basics. Improve your planning and prioritization process. By surfacing important data in a highly digestible format, you can monitor and manage your remaining budget, assess retention impacts on budget, facilitate reporting, manage encumbrances, conduct trend analyses, and more. 

HR: Build a Better Workplace

Improve productivity. Recruit, develop, and retain high-performing employees. Gain the insight you need to keep up with hiring trends, changing demographics, and evolving workforce goals. Access reliable information you need to help make significant improvements in all aspects of human resources management and planning—from hiring practices to attrition. 

Advancement: Strengthen Alumni Relations

Build stronger relationships with alumni and donors. Create targeted messaging that resonates more effectively with your contributors. Access all the data you need to make informed decisions and focus your advancement efforts.  

Consult with an expert to learn how you can identify barriers to student progression & optimize institutional performance.