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Rising Up to the Challenge to Create a More Inclusive Campus

A Student's Perspective

Atlantic Cape Community College student reflects on Blackboard Ally's alternative formats.

Educators' Perspective

Atlantic Cape Community College educators reflect on Blackboard Ally's institutional reporting.

Blackboard Ally: Promoting Quality Through Groundbreaking Technology at Albizu

For Albizu University, the main challenge lied in establishing cultural and academic change. On the one hand, understanding that inclusive teaching and learning benefits all students - whether or not they have a disability - and, on the other hand, promoting a leap outside of their comfort zone by committing educators to create higher quality content that could be consumed in different formats, and as a result, lead to student success.

Quest for Independent Learning

We were fortunate to meet with Andrew Phuong (PhD student), and Joseph Polizzotto (Alt Media Supervisor) at UC Berkeley, and hear both their perspectives on the needs and challenges faced by students, faculty and staff towards creating an accessible and inclusive learning environment. 

Technology for Social Justice

We had the opportunity to meet with four inspirational members at Lesley University, who all strive for truly inclusive learning experiences for their students. With 23% of students having a documented disability, Lesley University upholds social justice as a core underlying principle to support their teaching and learning.

Supporting Equity and Inclusion in Healthcare Education

What does inclusive education look like in healthcare education? During the 2019 Blackboard Ally Tour, we stopped by the Medical University of South Carolina to learn about how they are addressing accessibility issues and sparking a culture shift to inclusion.

Proactive, Streamlined Approach to Inclusivity

Hear from the team at the University of Toledo about their experiences rolling out Blackboard Ally on campus and how it has helped them speed up processes overall. Where previously making course content accessible would often be a reactive approach, the team has noticed that Ally helps turn this process into a more proactive and streamlined approach.