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Blackboard Partnerships Program FAQs

Prospective Partners

  1. How do I become a partner?
    To become a partner, complete the Blackboard Partnerships™ program registration form. Please include as much detail as possible before submitting. One of our Blackboard Partner Team representatives will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your inquiry.

  2. What are the different partnership levels?
    There are three partnership levels: Blackboard Developer Network Partner, Signature and Premier—each designed to make a significant impact on learning and on your business goals.

  3. Does each platform have its own partnership program?
    There are currently partner programs for the following platforms: Blackboard Learn™, Blackboard Collaborate™, Blackboard Mobile™, Blackboard Connect™, Blackboard Student Services™, Blackboard Open LMS™, and Blackboard Web Content Manager.

  4. How much does it cost to become a partner?
    There is different pricing for each partner level and platform. Please contact the Blackboard Partner Team for specific information.

  5. Is there a discounted price for non-profit organizations?
    Yes. Contact our Blackboard Partner Team at BusDev&[email protected] for more information.

  6. Who do I contact to follow up with my partnership inquiry or application?
    If, after 72 hours, you have not heard from one of our representatives, please contact the Blackboard Partner Team.

  7. How long does it typically take to process inquiries or applications?
    Processing inquiries may take up to 48 hours. Application processing typically takes 3-5 business days.

  8. Do partners have access to special resources?
    Of course! Partners have access to resources such as a New Partner Start-up Kit with instructions on how to set up your development server, access to our Developer Network for documentation and other integration resources, and a how-to guide for creating a profile on the Blackboard Partner Catalog.  

  9. Who currently partners with Blackboard?
    From global leaders to innovative thinkers, we have an impressive list of partners. View our Partner Catalog.


Current Partners

  1. How do I create my partner listing on the Blackboard Partner Catalog?
    Please contact us to request admin access to your company’s listing. Detailed instructions on how to edit and customize your page can be found in the Partners group within the Blackboard Community Site.

  2. Who do I contact for technical support?
    Contact information for technical support is dependent on your level of partnership. Please contact our Blackboard Partner Team for details.

  3. How can I promote my Blackboard partnership?
    There are many ways to promote your Blackboard partnership. Please contact the Blackboard Partner Team or consult with your Blackboard Partner Manager for more information.

  4. What types of marketing/press materials do I need to show you before publishing?
    All press and marketing materials must be approved by us prior publishing. Send all materials to the Blackboard Partner Team or your assigned Partner Manager for approval.

  5. How do I purchase additional Blackboard Learn licenses?
    Adding Blackboard licenses is an easy process that you can complete online. Please contact our Blackboard Partner Team and express your interest in adding licenses to your membership.


  1. Where can I find a list of current Blackboard partners?
    To search for existing Blackboard Partners, visit the Blackboard Partner Catalog.

  2. Who do I contact if I'm having technical issues with an integration built by a third party?
    If you have questions or are experiencing technical difficulties with a partner integration, please contact the company or institution who developed the integration. You can find this information on the company's profile listing on the Blackboard Partner Catalog.

  3. Who do I contact if I'm having trouble with a Blackboard-built integration?
    If you have questions or are experiencing technical difficulties with a one of our integrations, please contact your System Administrator or Blackboard Account Manager. If you are a System Administrator, please submit a support case on Behind the Blackboard.