Anthology has more capability in terms of the number of features and number of users handled at a time...Also, [we] needed to integrate the learning management system (LMS) with the student information system (SIS) and Blackboard Learn [Ultra] provided what [we] needed.

Santosh Ray
Acting VP for Academic Affairs
Khawarizmi International College


  • Providing equitable access to education
  • Enabling flexibility on behalf of educators
  • Supporting multiple modes of delivery
  • Leveraging data in more effective ways


  • Upgraded to Learn Ultra-strong mobile capabilities, on-demand classes, online and hybrid modality
  • Enabling flexibility- Integrating 3rd party tools
  • Improved capabilities of engagement tracking with data for personalized interaction with learners


  • “It is a great pleasure to work with the [Anthology] team who are always available to provide support...”
  • In the latest satisfaction survey, 76% of KIC students responded as being satisfied or very satisfied with the solution.
  • IC faculty and students have found timesaving, intuitive benefits from our platform’s easy integration process.


  • Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
  • 2,500 FTE
  • Anthology products: Blackboard Learn​ Ultra, Blackboard Annotate, Blackboard SafeAssign