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A well-designed learning environment can increase student engagement, decrease unnecessary cognitive load and encourage self-reflection, but it can be difficult to know what works best, in which context, and for whom. 

Optimise Learning Environments for Student Success

With the ability to slice, dice, and drill into a vast amount of longitudinal information about learning management system use, institutions are optimising their learning environments, improving faculty development, empowering their students, and performing high quality research, to set their students on the path for long-term success. 

And Blackboard Data, our new data and analytics platform, enables you to place insights from other Blackboard SaaS tools alongside your Analytics for Learn content using the Pyramid BI tool included with Analytics for Learn. 

2018 CODIE Finalist award.
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Optimise Online Learning

Faculty and students use the LMS in many different ways. Discover the right tools and patterns for students by school, department, programme and course. 

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Support Faculty Development

Colleges and universities spend a significant amount of time on faculty development, but they haven’t traditionally had a good way to measure impact. With Analytics for Learn, faculty developers can present instructors with evidence of what works, and have access to the information they need for continual improvement. 

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Promote Reflective Learning

Research has found that student-facing dashboards make a significant impact on learner performance. Analytics for Learn includes a prepackaged, integrated dashboard that allows students to track their activity relative to others. 

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Increase LMS Adoption

Do you have a clear picture of your LMS adoption? Do you know how instructors are using third-party tools? With visibility into how educational technologies are being used, institutions have the information they need to increase rates of high impact adoption. 

Boosting Success with Analytics for Learn

Putting Learning Analytics in the Hands of Students

Learn how the University of Groningen improved outcomes with learning analytics for students.

I find the reporting to be very robust, and it's really helped us better understand what's happening in [our] online courses.

Kendall St Hilaire
Administrative Director of Indian River State College Virtual Campus
Indian River State College
Kendall St Hilaire, Administrative Director of Indian River State College Virtual Campus

As an instructional designer, I know how important it is now that the alignment in a course is spot-on… and I can do that if I am paying attention to the analytic data and making an informed decision.

Torria Davis
Instructional Designer
California Baptist University
Torria Davis

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