X-Ray Learning Analytics

A positive learning experience is the result of high-quality instruction, excellence in course design, and engagement with other students within a learning community. But too often, instructors don’t find out that students are disengaged or struggling with course materials until it’s too late to make a difference.

Illustration of student head on desktop screen with analytics
X-Ray analytics interface on laptop

Deepen Your Insight Into Learner Behavior & Instructional Design

What if you could easily discover specific actions to improve your current teaching and learning environment?

X-Ray Learning Analytics provides deep insight into learner behaviors and identifies trends that affect achievement within Moodle. At the institutional level, X-Ray analyzes cross-course results to uncover trends.


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Risk Analysis Extension for X-Ray Learning Analytics

With the risk analysis extension for X-Ray Learning Analytics, instructors and administrators gain access to the results of a custom predictive model that uses academic, engagement and social data to identify students at risk of not passing a course. With this information in hand, instructors and professional advisors can act early, proactively reach out to learners exhibiting signs of risk and keep students on track for success

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