Increase Student Success With Learning Analytics

Increase enrollment, degree completion, student outcomes and learner engagement with insights produced from data you already have. With the help of Blackboard’s evidence-based solutions, colleges, universities and systems can identify and overcome barriers to student success and keep learners on track for graduation with high quality credentials.

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Blackboard Analytics

Blackboard AnalyticsTM is a complete line of data and analytics products designed to help colleges and universities to optimize the entire student experience.

Blackboard has the depth and breadth of analytics solutions you need to support a truly holistic, integrated, and evidence-based approach to teaching, learning and student success.


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Blackboard Analytics for Learn

Improve reporting efficiency, support faculty development, promote self-regulated learning, match instructional design pattern to curricular goals, and measure return on your educational technology investments. Optimize course design for academic performance with a comprehensive learning analytics workbench for Blackboard LearnTM.

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Blackboard Predict

Increase course completion and student retention rates by identifying at-risk students and making early intervention possible, personal and scalable. Our rapidly deployed advanced analytics solution helps you build that not only enhance the student experience but also drive better outcomes.

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Blackboard Intelligence

Improve institutional performance. Our education analytics modules provide colleges and universities with a complete data warehousing and reporting solution in support of enrollment management, retention, financial aid, strategic finance, human resources, advancement, and more.

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Blackboard Assessment & Accreditation

Streamline evidence collection and analysis in support of accreditation efforts and curricular strategy. Blackboard’s Assessment and Accreditation solution leverages primary and juried assessment software that seamlessly integrates with Blackboard Learn, empowering institutions to improve program effectiveness with data and documentation.

Already a Blackboard Analytics Client? Now What?

We are your partners in change. Our team of experts will work with you to respond to the emerging needs of your institution, and increase your impact using data you already have.

Blackboard Is Your Partner in Institutional & Student Success

Whether you have a question, would like to see a product in action, or just keep up on the latest news, we're standing by.

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