Blackboard Student Success Services

Provide a supportive and streamlined learning environment via Blackboard's suite of tech-enabled support solutions.

Ensure Your Students Stay on Track 

While academic performance is essential to reaching educational goals, many students fall off-track due to obstacles outside the classroom. By prioritizing holistic, intuitive student support, institutions help clear a path, many times before issues even arise, for learners to achieve success.

We offer a suite of complementary solutions that combine data and human expertise to remove barriers to student success. We tailor our offering to the unique needs of your institution, ensuring your students and team get the support they need to thrive. 

Support Student Success with a Proven, Tech-Enabled Approach

When it comes to student success, a fusion of data, technology, and human interaction is key. With our support solutions, all three essentials work in sync to improve the student support experience.

A graphic of different types of charts that represent Data


Informs proactive outreach to students, while also providing opportunities for ongoing optimization. With our SmartView platform you can forget about the “black box”, all the data is in your hands.

A graphic of a finger tapping on a surface; from the surface where the finger is tapping a group of circles come out. The image represents technology


Is essential to support the modern student. We employ a range of automated and self-help services, as well as support via the channels that students prefer to ensure no inquiry goes unresolved. 

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There is still no substitute for quality human interaction, particularly for vulnerable students. Our highly trained professionals work as an extension of your team, providing more access to support for your students. 

What does it Mean for You?

Full Clarity and Control

Access to data unlocks potential for growth. With Blackboard, you will always know how your support services are performing and where to optimize.

No Sacrifice in Quality

Our team offers best-in-class service, and you’ll have visibility of a wide range of metrics to ensure that your students receive nothing but the best. 

A Strategic Partnership

Our support services are designed to match your needs and we work with your team to deliver the best results. This includes 24/7 support and extra staff during busy periods. 

Discover how Blackboard can help you help your students succeed.