Online Program Experience (OPX) Solutions

Develop, grow and differentiate your online programs – without sacrificing revenue.

It’s Time to Own Your Online Story

The online game has changed, and you need a new approach to online program management

Blackboard’s Online Program Experience (OPX) returns ownership of online programs to the institution, while delivering data transparency and proven ROI. Unlike bundled OPM revenue-share providers, with OPX you choose only the services you need and reap the benefits when your programs succeed.

Keep control of your assets and revenue.

Choose only the solutions you need and stop paying for things that you don’t.

Optimize your programs based on accessible and actionable data.

Separate your offering from the market and create great online programs.

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Your programs. Your revenue.

Blackboard OPX is the online program solution of the future, one in which you own the creative assets and the course content—which means you also control incoming tuition revenue.  Gone are the days of long-term contracts and giving away your hard-earned revenue, with our fee-for-service model you pay only for the services that help you achieve growth.

Wichita State grows online enrollment by 157%

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With college enrollment down across the country, a data and research driven approach is fundamental to reversing the trend.

Wichita State University partnered with Blackboard OPX to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for their online programs, resulting in a 157% increase in new online students and 9x estimated return on investment

"As a partner, Blackboard is very student focused and truly understands that Wichita State’s mission is to help our students succeed. They’re making us happy by making our students happy, and we know that this is a model that will carry forward as we build our online presence."

Anna Porcaro, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Online Learning, Wichita State University

Get the Support You Need, Without Paying for Anything You Don’t

While the full Blackboard OPX suite is designed to ensure you reach your goals, our fee-for-service model means you only pay for the services your institution needs. Think of it like an unbundled OPM, we have expertise right across the student lifecycle – but will tailor a solution for you based on your specific needs.

Recruiting Students

Program Development

Student Success

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Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Blackboard OPX provides thorough reporting and complete data transparency, while traditional OPMs keep those insights in a “black box” you never see. This means you never miss out on the opportunity to optimize your programs and are constantly uncovering new opportunities for growth.

No More “Cookie Cutter” Solutions

Our data led approach helps create online programs as distinct as your institution. We worked with North Carolina Central University to design and launch two completely new online programs within six months.

“I would highly recommend these services to other institutions who do not have adequate staff to meet the demand of designing and implementing online courses”. – Kimberly Phifer-McGhee, Ed.D. Vice Chancellor for Extended Studies and Student Support, North Carolina Central University

Get the Support You Need at Every Stage of Your Online Program Journey

The path to building sustained enrollment and revenue growth through online programs can have several phases, and Blackboard OPX is designed to at each step in the process. Whether your institution is just starting out or moving into more innovative program design, Blackboard provides the flexibility needed to allow for ongoing growth.

Proud to be OPX Partners

While the challenge is universal, your institution is unique. We tailor best practices to meet each institution’s goals and budget.

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Insights from the Field

Learn how a partnership with Blackboard can help you optimize your online efforts and achieve maximum ROI