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The Blackboard Certified Trainer Program

Learn Techniques for Training Success

Good training can increase user adoption and improve course quality. Learn to make your training more practical, participant-oriented and energized.

Certified Trainer Program

Designed for those whose responsibilities include teaching others how to use e-learning technology, the Blackboard Certified Trainer Program is an intensive, blended-learning experience that affords participants the opportunity to earn a valuable professional credential

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The Certified Trainer Program is highly interactive and collaborative, and is therefore limited to small cohort size. Its focus is on the development of dynamic presentation skills, in conjunction with pedagogically sound teaching methodologies, all aimed at empowering graduates to deliver the most effective, efficient training possible.

All Certified Trainer sessions are facilitated by a Blackboard Training Program Mentor, and consist of a three-week online component followed by a one- or two-day (depending on cohort size) live synchronous session, in which participants present for evaluation the training workshop they have prepared over the previous weeks.

Sessions are conducted both online (asynchronously) with formative and summative (synchronous) evaluations taking place live via remote Collaborate sessions. In addition to more convenient scheduling options and the avoidance of travel expenses, these web-only sessions prepare participants to deliver their training using web-conferencing technology, an option increasingly in demand from busy professionals. Special arrangements may be made for single-institution cohorts.

Your certification credential is effective for five years. To maintain your status, credential renewal is required.

Program Components

The program consists of the following components:

  • Orientation Webinar
  • Online Asynchronous Session
  • Formative Evaluation Session (conducted remotely via Collaborate)
  • Summative Performance Evaluation Session (conducted remotely via Collaborate)

What You Get

Upon successful completion of the program, each participant will be awarded with “Blackboard Certified Trainer” status. This credential will provide you with:

  • A Blackboard-recognized status for use in your professional endeavors
  • Access to the Blackboard Certified Trainer Community
  • Networking and professional development opportunities
  • Recognition at the annual BbWorld conference
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Online Asynchronous Session

Participants should expect to spend a minimum of 30 hours over three weeks to complete the Online Session. This online component must be successfully completed before advancing to the synchronous Performance Evaluation. The goal of the Online Session is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to deliver a high quality training class. In the online course, you will work individually and collaboratively to read, discuss, and apply information about effective training:

  • Training/facilitation skills
  • Good teaching practices
  • Accessibility
  • Current issues in education
  • Presentation planning

Activities include development of a good teaching practices analysis, a practical instruction handout, and a comprehensive training plan—all related to a single Blackboard course tool (Tests, Assignments, Discussion, etc.).

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Performance Evaluation Sessions

After completing the online component, you will apply this information by delivering exemplary training sessions for your chosen tool. You will deliver two presentations: a short 15-minute session, in which you will receive peer and mentor feedback, and a longer 50-minute session, in which you will be evaluated. In these presentations, you will demonstrate excellent training skills, address diverse learning styles, apply principles of good teaching practice, and deliver a quality training session that you can use as a model for future training events.

Attendance is required for the entire duration of the Performance Evaluation Sessions (1 day for the short presentations, and two or three days for the long ones; this will vary depending on class size). To successfully complete the Certified Trainer Program, each participant must complete the Online Session and the Performance Evaluation Sessions.

Things You Need to Know

Program Objectives

  • Sharpen training skills as workshop and training program leaders
  • Learn to plan, develop, design and deliver effective workshops
  • Learn to make your training more practical, participant-oriented and energizing by thinking in terms of outcomes, results and efficiencies
  • Develop, stretch and challenge yourself and your skill sets


The focus of the Certified Trainer Program is NOT on product usage. All participants are expected to have:

  • Basic knowledge of Blackboard Learn™ technology
  • A minimum of three months experience as a designer/instructor/course builder
  • Computer that meets the minimum technical requirements for using Blackboard platforms
  • Email and Internet access

Who Should Attend

Experienced professionals who are tasked with training and supporting others at their institution or organization.

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Hybrid program including both asynchronous and synchronous (delivered via webinar or in person) components.

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