Blackboard School Safety

Blackboard School Safety is a complete system designed to let you take control of your student's safety and school's physical security.


Prevent, Prepare & Manage with Blackboard School Safety

School safety can be impacted by a wide range of events like weather, bullying, active shooters, drugs, gang activity, theft, vandalism and more. You need a system that lets you manage all of these from one place before they occur, while they are happening, and after the crisis is over.

The Stages for School Safety Incident Preparedness

K12 Infographic

Blackboard School Safety Solution

Blackboard School Safety provides tools that create safer schools without sacrificing student learning and well-being.

Principal Making a Plan


Digital Crisis To-Do List
Digital checklists that help your response team coordinate during a crisis.

Anonymous Tip Reporting
Students, staff and parents can report safety concerns anonymously from anywhere.

Threat Levels
Pre-configured lockdown options for scenarios ranging from snow day door locking to complete active shooter lockdown.

Mobile Monitoring
Manage your school with mobile monitoring, momentary unlock, and lockdown/override options.

Open Architecture
Support for hundreds of camera models as well as compatibility with legacy systems.

Social Media Manager
Share your story and interact with your community from all your school and district social networks.

Children at Fire Drill

Solutions During a Crisis

Group Talk
Conference call services for keeping open lines of communication across your entire crisis response team.

Active Incident Website
Reduce confusion by routing all web traffic to a single source of information during an emergency.

Automatic Locks
Organize and group door access control for outer, classroom, lab, hallway and other doors.

Automatic Tip Routing
Automatically notify the right people on your team based on the type of tip submitted

Web-Based Monitoring
View real-time and recorded video from anywhere.

Web Community Manager
Stunning branded school and district websites provide easy online access to important information.

Mass Notifications
Create one message and publish it across every channel including voice, text, email, social website and more.

Mobile Communications App
Share student, school and district news through a native branded app.

Teacher Communication
Allow teacher-to-home communication to happen in a safe environment.


Post Crisis Analysis

Group Track
Incident logging for simpler, more accurate post-incident analysis.

Response Logging
Gain insight into who responded to a tip, how quickly, and what actions were taken.

Security Cameras
Zoom in, use frame-by-frame playback, and capture easily-exported stills and clips.

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