BbWorld 19 July 23-25, 2019 Austin, TX

BbWorld is where education professionals gather to make change happen.

Announcing our 2019 BbWorld Keynote Speakers

Join us at BbWorld 2019, where our incredible keynote speakers will address the power education and technology have to shape our future workforce and increase opportunities for underrepresented populations.

  • LEARN MORERead about the 2019 Keynote Speakers for BbWorld.
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Thrive in a complex & changing environment

At Blackboard, we help you leverage innovative technologies & services to solve your most critical challenges in education.

Solve your most critical challenges in education

Your needs are complex and specific. And, they're continuously evolving—therefore we are too. Hear how our clients use Blackboard solutions to make the biggest impact on their students' experience.

Your students deserve an exceptional education experience. Learn how Blackboard can help you achieve your goals.

New & Noteworthy

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BbWorld 2019 in Austin

Join hundreds of your peers to learn the latest developments for enriching the learner experience, furthering your career and making an impact within your organization. Lock down your registration now to save your spot in Austin.

500 Clients on SaaS & counting

Blackboard Gains Momentum Around the World

500 institutions and organizations around the world are now delivering online courses and trainings via the SaaS deployment of Blackboard Learn and more than 115 clients are also leveraging the advantages of the Ultra experience.

Hands shaking on a deal.

Blackboard Inc. Completes Sale of its Transact Business Unit to Reverence Capital Partners LP

Read how the sale of Transact will enable Blackboard to remain focused on and continue to deliver market-leading innovation in its teaching and learning portfolio of solutions, the core of its business for over 20 years.

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