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Blackboard Learn is for Educators

Our learning management system (LMS) allows you to deliver life-changing teaching and learning experiences with unmatched pedagogical autonomy.

The LMS ready for anything

You want to keep your learners engaged and on track, inside and outside the classroom. Blackboard Learn provides you with the tools to help deliver life-changing teaching and learning experiences, and system reliability to do just that. From efficient workflows to our extensive community of practice, Blackboard Learn is the ideal combination of education and technology.

Why Blackboard Learn?

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Faculty Freedom

By providing educators with the autonomy to utilise best-practice pedagogical approaches within our LMS, learners can thrive in the classroom, via online learning, or through hybrid learning models.

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One Harmonious EdTech Ecosystem

You already have an existing technology environment. Blackboard Learn is built with the tools, integrations, and data access necessary to join easily.

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The Extras Aren’t Extra

Blackboard Learn comes equipped with the built-in software educators want, including accessibility and anti-plagiarism tools. Reach your learners using the best student engagement strategies on the market.

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Simple, Efficient and Reliable

Make your educators and learners’ lives easier with Blackboard Learn’s easy-to-use tools and workflows that keep everyone organised, engaged, and working efficiently - plus reliable, fewer IT headaches.

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The Path is Clear

What gets seen gets addressed. With Blackboard Learn, educators and learners can track their progress with highly visible, quickly actionable displays, keeping students on track for success.

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Shared Experiences Anytime, Anywhere

With multiple helpful methods of communication built-in, Blackboard Learn encourages ongoing educator-learner interaction—whether inside the classroom or through virtual learning—on any internet-accessible device.

Deliver an Always-On, Always Updated LMS

Teaching and learning never stops. Eliminate downtime (and breathe a sigh of relief), plus take advantage of the latest enhancements as soon as they become available; no upgrade—or system downtime—needed.

Offer the Personalised Support Students Need to Succeed

Connect students with the resources you have available for them. With Blackboard Assist, students will receive personalised support from your own institutional resources, when and where they need it.

Ready to Empower the Learner Experience?