Innovative Healthcare Training from Blackboard

Deliver consistent, high-quality patient care through state-of-the-art healthcare training and development.

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Flexible Learning That Meets Unique Healthcare Training Needs

Employees are so busy with delivering around-the-clock care that they don’t always have the time necessary to keep up to date. However, in a sector where the consequences of mistakes are high, effective training must be a priority—and Blackboard is uniquely positioned to assist organisations with making this healthcare training and development a reality.


How We Help

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A Proven Solution for Healthcare Training

Our experienced team of experts, technologists and learning specialists will work with you to build a results-driven learning programme designed for your organisation’s unique healthcare training needs.

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Simplified Progress Tracking

Don’t wonder if employees have completed healthcare training—know for certain. Our solution enables automated tracking of critical activities such as CME credits, certifications, course completion and personal training goals.

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An Approach That Reduces Risk

Leverage competency-based best practices to ensure consistency and quality of care while also standardising your healthcare training and development content.

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Consistently Reach Employees

With a dispersed workforce and ever-changing regulations for standards of care, a healthcare training programme that offers both online and blended learning opportunities ensures that employees are always up to date.

Blackboard can provide your organisation with a proven, effective training platform.