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Your university’s reputation is built on your curricula.

Give yours a future-focused foundation.

Blackboard and Akari Software have partnered in Australia and New Zealand to further enhance student outcomes. Together, we are enabling institutions to respond to the need for increased accountability of student success but also for improving outcomes, enhancing employability and ensuring pathways to success.

As a university, the curricula you offer your students is one of your key differentiators, and also a reason a student chooses your university over another. It’s essential that the learning outcomes, opportunities and programs you promote are what your students receive.

To stand out, your university needs a fresh, engaging and ever-evolving curriculum that reflects market trends, as well as what’s actually happening in the employment landscape. It needs to be innovative, future-focused and unique, with a solid and compliant academic foundation. 

How Akari can position your university for the future

Akari is a cloud-based curriculum management solution that can help with the review, design, approval, publication and resourcing of all your educational goals/outcomes, courses and programs. It can be fully customised to suit your university’s specific curriculum and ways of working. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with your other institutional frameworks, including the Blackboard Learn Platform, and other learning management systems, tools and apps like a Student Information System, to help you:

Akari gives you a single source of curriculum truth across all your facilities and accreditations. 

Adapt your curriculum quickly and easily to changes in the market and employment landscape

Attract more students by offering innovative, fresh, and ever-evolving programs and modules

Meet compliance requirements and regulatory scrutiny by providing a central source of truth

Help your staff collaborate effectively and efficiently when it comes to designing or updating programs

Reduce workload for academic administrative staff charged with maintaining and updating curriculum on an ongoing basis.

Akari integrates with most LMS platforms, creating a seamless course and assessment design, approval and delivery environment.

Why choose Akari?

Fast and easy to use

With Akari, it’s incredibly easy to add and change courses, instantly updating your academic calendar and more. 

Customised to your university

Akari is a flexible solution that can be completely customised to your university’s curriculum, resources, goals and processes, reducing administrative load on staff, committees, and administrative units.

Rely on a single source of truth

Akari puts all curriculum data into one, central, auditable location, and removes the problem of inconsistent, opaque pockets where programs or modules are not up to date.  

Stay compliant

With a central repository of auditable curriculum detail, and automated learning outcome mapping, Akari also ensures stakeholders are on the same page, so you can meet quality and accreditation standards.

Work seamlessly

Akari seamlessly integrates with common LMS and student management systems, including Blackboard Learn. Curriculum details can be easily extracted for use in communications and your curriculum handbook.

Match education to employment

Akari enables launching new courses and programs as well as re-structuring curricula to deliver employment-based learning outcomes. Staff can collaborate with fully configurable workflows and tools to drive efficiencies.

Go micro

Akari makes it possible to develop customised micro-credentials as stackable online units – enabling students to create a credential, certificate, diploma or degree that’s specifically relevant to their needs.

Reporting and planning

Rich reporting and resource planning/modeling saves time, and enables you to link curriculum to programs, academic units and individual staff members. This is invaluable for course rationalisation.

Blog – Curriculum Matters

In this blog series Professor Carol Miles addresses several conundrums pertinent to curriculum management in higher education – including academic integrity, authentic assessment, course rationalisation, cost and risk management.

How Bond University revolutionised its curriculum management

In the past, Queensland’s Bond University relied on a cumbersome, paper-based system to design and manage its curriculum. Modifying programs each semester required a great amount of re-work.

Since moving to Akari, the university’s staff now update and modify existing programs which are stored in a central, cloud-based database. They also now map program learning outcomes to subjects, and subject learning outcomes to assessment data which they will report to Faculties, significantly improving course quality. This has saved the university huge amounts of time, and substantially increased productivity, quality of delivery, and outcomes for staff and students.

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