Let’s Talk Tech at #TLCEUR2021

As the Blackboard expert on your campus, you need access to the “tools of the trade” to better support your students and staff. And that’s what you’ll get at DevCon: best practices ideas from your peers, hands-on workshops with the technology, and previews into the next wave of EdTech innovations.


Thursday May 27th, 2021

9:00 – 10:25 BST Migrate Your Building Block to LTI and REST

LTI and REST are the future of integrations with Blackboard products and services. With Blackboard Learn, this is a shift in methodologies. Blackboard clients have long relied on Building Blocks to handle complex integrations. In this session, we will talk through concepts and best practices for looking at Building Blocks and reimagining them in the modern world of out-of-process integrations. This session will prepare you for migration, and for the following session. This session will focus less on the technical aspects and more on process.

Speakers: Scott Hurrey, Blackboard & Mark O'Neil, Blackboard
10:45 – 11:25 BST Building Block Migration Walkthrough

In this session, we will take what we learned in ‘Migrate Your Building Block to LTI and REST’ and show you the process in action. We will take a simple Hello World building block and migrate it to LTI and REST to show you the same functionality in this modern paradigm. This will be a technical session.

Speakers: Eric Preston, Blackboard