DevCon 2021

Let’s Talk Tech at #TLCAPAC

As the Blackboard expert at your institution, you need access to the “tools of the trade” to better support your students and staff. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get at DevCon - best practices from your tech peers, hands-on workshops with the technology, and previews into the next wave of EdTech innovations.

Date Time (AEST) Topic
Tuesday 3rd August 12pm – 2pm Introduction to REST and LTI
This is a true beginner's session. We will introduce Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and REST at it very basic. LTI and REST together are a powerful integration framework that allows for meaningful integrations to enhance and extend the teaching and learning experience for faculty and students, as well as the ability to make life easier for Administrators. If you are new to these concepts, this session is for you.
Tuesday 17th August 11am – 11:45am Developer Roadmap
Interested in learning about the future of building integrations with Blackboard? This session is for you. We will share all the details about what is coming in the next two years.
12pm – 2pm Building Integrations with Blackboard
Blackboard continues to evolve as an EdTech development platform. As more products adopt and make public APIs available, it really is about more than just Blackboard Learn. But don't worry, we will talk plenty about that, as well. In this session, we will get technical and show you the vast possibilities with slides, sample code, and demonstrations.
2:30pm – 3:15pm Client Presentation
Tuesday 24th August 12pm – 2pm Integration Masterclass
This session is meant to be hands-on. Bring your laptop and prepare to get your hands dirty. We will take a simple building block and help you migrate that code to an LTI and REST integration.

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