Anthology TLC Europe 2022

Save the Date: Announcing the Teaching and Learning Conference Europe 2022

Choose the Conference Experience That Is Best for You

The annual TLC Europe conference will be held online and in-person — two distinct experiences, one engaging conference by Blackboard, now a part of Anthology.

Online Conference - May 24

Participate in the interactive online conference from the comfort of your home or office.

Choose your location: TLC Europe will have an in-person opportunity this year. We cannot wait to see you there!

Five dates, five cities across Europe.
Join us to hear local education professionals discuss how to make change happen.

26, 27 May 2022

4 May 2022

9 June 2022

14 June 2022

14 June 2022

Map of Europe with pins on the countries where there will be in person sessions of the TLC Europe 2022


During this conference, we will hear from industry thought leaders, education professionals, and learners from all backgrounds and life experiences about the key issues and trends in EdTech that will drive innovation in 2022 and beyond.

TLC Europe is the destination for education professionals, featuring keynotes by industry thought leaders, peer-driven discussions, best practices sharing, and a variety of networking opportunities. Learn from the best institutions and organizations in education on how they inspire and achieve greatness.


Teaching and Learning Conference Europe 2021

Icon of three people inside a circle that represent the leaders that assisted TLC Europe 2021

+1400 Education Leaders

Icon of a school/university/college building inside a circle that represents the institutions that assisted to TLC Europe 2021

+600 Institutions Represented

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58 Countries

Will there be Sponsorship Opportunities Available?

At TLC Europe, our sponsors and partners play a critical role in helping our clients enjoy a richer, more engaging educational experience. Companies at TLC Europe will have the chance to showcase innovative products and services.