Success with Blackboard Open LMS

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Accessibility in Higher Education, Focus in University of Montana

In Blackboard Open LMS, the advanced forum now allows all students to easily participate in online discussions and fully understand the meaning being conveyed there. The forums we were using prior to the advanced forum both had usability and accessibility barriers that posed major problems for screen reader users. - Marlene Zentz, Senior Instructional Designer and Accessibility Specialist - University of Montana

Blackboard Open LMS is a very flexible LMS and proved to be a good solution for the company, because it offers all the benefits of open source technology, as well as a wealth of plug-ins and components that can be added.

Scott Thomson
Learning Management System (LMS) administrator
Training The Street

As part of the Monash ecosystem, it was felt that the traditional teaching methods used at the College needed to be revolutionized. The challenge was integrating technology that fits the classroom’s purpose and sustaining it. Working closely with Blackboard Open LMS has assisted us to make the necessary changes in a timely manner. Our college-wide, revolutionized, innovative course delivery has resulted in outstanding staff satisfaction feedback in professional development — 91.4% — resulting in increased TEL in the classroom across the College and better student engagement.

Dr. Kulari Lokuge
Dr. Kulari Lokuge
Director of eLearning
Monash College

Lyceum of the Philippines University Seeks to Overcome Boundaries Through Blackboard Open LMS

"Blackboard Open LMS is an advanced technology and an easy-to-use system that reaches all of our communities, students, and employees, giving us the capability to offer more online programs. Additionally, it is a great system for the international community, given that it can be explored beyond other activities (such as work commitments), and enables more educational offerings catering to international cooperation and quality standards.” Dr. Conrado E. Iñigo, Vice President for Academic Affairs - Lyceum of the Philippines University

Blackboard Open LMS takes care of all of the complexities of hosting a digital learning environment, also, the tech support team is patient and effective.

Emily Southwell
Learning Systems Manager
Australian College of Ministries

Blackboard provided me a test site that shows how the platform will work once its finished, as well as its contents and navigability. The transition from our previous platform to Blackboard Open LMS was seamless, almost unnoticeable.

Fabián Avella
Fabián Avella
Systems Analyst
Universidad de La Sabana

Montana Digital Academy

"PLD has been a game-changer. It’s one of the ways in which Montana Digital Academy is breaking down the barriers to make learning as simple as possible. By compelling the linear pathway, we help teach credit recovery students how to learn. We build a linear learning path that chunks learning into bite-size pieces so students can experience small successes to motivate them to move through the course.”