Tracy Smith, Director ITS Service Support Operations, University of Virginia

[Blackboard] allows us to scale as need and sometimes very quickly...we can take our energy and focus on service improvement and rolling out new services. A lot of the skillsets we needed in-house we no longer need….. [and] Our customers are more satisfied then when we had tier 1 support onsite.

Blackboard Offers Universal Technology Support: CRM, SIS, ERP & any LMS

The IT Help Desk supports most applications and systems used by higher education. Being technology agnostic, we are positioned to provide an expedited, effortless experience to faculty, staff and students.

Support that Blackboard offers

Innovation & Integration

Working with hundreds of higher education institutions for nearly a decade, we discovered that our agents had to access numerous disparate systems to find solutions to issues presented to them. In doing so, we found when you force an agent to access multiple platforms to locate information you often create a negative customer service experience—whether it’s a long call that ends with no resolution or one that results in the wrong resolution. Armed with these insights, we built and deployed the foundation layer of technology that drives our business. This technology platform integrates with institutions’ enterprise systems and transfers key information to a single Agent Desktop, saving time, providing a seamless experience, and making our best-in-class support possible.


Recruiting, Hiring & Training

One of the most important cultural differentiators in our contact centers is that we hire for attitude and train for skill. The people we hire are passionate about helping and serving others and are extensively trained on the skills and knowledge base necessary to be successful.

Staff Augmentation

Leverage Our Technical Support & See How Blackboard IT Help Desk Services Can Help You

When you leverage our 24/7/365 support solution you don't have to worry about planning for increased seasonal support needs like the back-to-school influx of requests. Hiring staff internally to meet these temporary surges can lead to operational and cost inefficiencies. Of course, the cost of not ramping up to meet these requests surges is even higher, leading to decreased engagement, satisfaction and retention. Our flexibility in staffing to meet your institution's support needs allows you to provide consistent, fast, high-quality support with minimal hold times and without incurring unnecessary costs which are otherwise financially unsustainable year-round.

Additionally, diverting technical support calls to a partner that can provide 24/7/365 coverage for frequent support requests allows you to focus on more complex support needs and strategic initiatives.


Georgetown University Faculty Member

I honestly couldn’t imagine a more helpful and knowledgeable staff and I am so grateful that support is now available 24 hours a day!

Our Partner Success Stories

CIOs are constantly searching for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their organization at a lower cost while meeting the rising expectations of students, faculty, staff, campus partners and service/technology vendors.

Gerry Hourigan

VP, Chief Information Officer, Cuyahoga Community College

I’ve seen other offerings for help desk services and the difference with Blackboard is how they train their people, their knowledge base, and how they are committed to continuous improvement. I think that is what Blackboard has done extremely well.

Our IT Help Desk Services is Your Partner for Your Institution's Technical Support

We would love to speak with you about any questions you have about our services.

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