Cheryl Cyrus

Cheryl Cyrus

Principal Strategist

As a member of the Blackboard Global Consulting team, I assist to provide instructional, assessment and pedagogical connections between products and solutions, including but not limited to eLearning and Competency-based Education. My primary role is to provide expertise and support to clients embracing tomorrow’s course design and development projects. This support is relied heavily within the CBE landscape as the client transitions into providing learner-driven environments. Likewise, clients looking to enhance the user experience with state of the art, exemplary course designs and active learning objects rely heavily on the customized learning architecture that we design and develop. My role continues within the CBE arena to support clients with knowledge share and success of utilizing the Goal Performance Dashboard with the most effective practices and analysis. To support the client with these instructional practices, my role continues to provide faculty development that transitions the role of the faculty to the CBE facilitator and/or coach. 

My primary areas of focus include: 

  • Competency-based Course Design & Development 
  • m-Learning Design & Development
  • Bb Ultra Design & Development
  • Customized Faculty Development 

My prior work experience includes: 

  • Bureau of Innovation, Department of Education, State of Florida 
  • Florida Center of Instructional Technology, University of South Florida
  • Center for Research & Educational Policy, University of Memphis 

Prior licensure, association & awards: 

  • Master Digital Educator, State of Florida
  • Certified Professional Educator, State of Florida
  • Certified Educator/Advisory Board, Discovery Education
  • Grant Recipient of Best Buy [email protected] Award