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Flexible, functional K-12 website design

Web design templates

Promote your brand, share your success stories, and keep your school and district websites up to date with our flexible design templates. We offer a wide range of styles and services to suit your needs and your budget. Now it’s easier than ever to keep your K-12 websites looking fresh and new.

Website displayed on desktop, tablet and mobile

Made-to-order designs for your distinctive style

Our professional design team is here to help you build a website that matches your district's branding while meeting your specific functional needs.

Key Features

Your brand, your needs, your website

We'll work with you to understand the look and feel that you want, the types of content you want to offer, and how you want your website to function. We'll build a design that expresses your unique style and brand and showcases your district's story.

Consultant and client working on website

A look and feel all your own

You'll have the dedicated services of a professional designer from start to finish.

User accessing website on laptop

A design that meets your needs

We'll meet your requirements, from browser capability to content-specific style and district-specific design elements.

Help desk workers assisting clients

Get up and running

We’ll provide the training and tools that will put you in control of your new site.

Made-to-order design packages

Made-to-order designs reflect your district's own style and incorporate your content, functionality, and branding needs into the structure of your website. Every package comes with a dedicated designer, five responsive displays, global icons, logo/mascot changes for every site and more.

We deliver an optimal experience on any device

Responsive templates are the best way to ensure your school and district websites can be easily viewed and navigated across all browsers and devices without pinching and zooming.

Key Features

Custom designs that bring your site to all devices

Choose from our Ruby or Sapphire custom design packages and work with a professional designer to achieve a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Or choose a pre-designed responsive template and tailor it to meet your needs, using your own colors and logos.

School website on mobile

Your school or district goes mobile

Give mobile users access to your school or district website, with consistent branding and an optimized user experience.

School website on laptop, tablet and mobile

One template, many devices

Our responsive template works on all screen sizes, from desktop to smartphone, giving you anytime, anywhere access.

An optimal experience on any device

Choose our Ruby or Sapphire responsive templates for a custom design that’s uniquely yours, and will keep your K-12 community informed and engaged.

Pre-built templates, unlimited customizations

Responsive templates are the best way to ensure your school and district websites can be easily viewed and navigated across all browsers and devices without pinching and zooming.

Pre-designed template purchase packages

Whichever approach you choose—a one-time purchase, or an annual subscription—you’ll be able to reconfigure your school website template whenever you need to, and as often as you want, so you can keep your websites fresh.

Devices showing optional templates

Annual subscription

The ultimate in flexibility. You get the option to change your template as often as you like at no additional cost.

Website template on desktop, tablet and mobile

One-time purchase

Make the most of your budget while ensuring worry-free maintenance of your template and website.

Website custom design on desktop and laptop

Or do you want a custom website?

If the do-it-yourself approach doesn’t suit you, one of our designers can help you create the look and feel you want.

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