Our target audience is Generation Z or the so-called ‘Centennials.’ Their life is marked by the rise of the Internet. They are digital natives, which is reflected in their positive response to new online learning environments.

Hazel Bottger Pipoli
Marketing Manager


  • Move all academic programs online
  • Adapt the curriculum for the virtual environment
  • Interconnected work between the different management teams in 25 regions of the country
  • Achieve an integrated digitalization of all operational processes
  • Implement paperless initiatives

Senati Differentiators

  • SENATI has the first Industry 4.0 laboratory in Latin America
  • First Peruvian institution included in the UNESCO- UNEVOC Center
  • SENATI has agreements with more than 15,000 companies nationwide
  • 100% of academic programs have online components
  • Offer 73 technical programs

Senati Statistics:

  • Over 70 professional programs, all using Blackboard
  • Over 67,000 students continuing their professional training
  • Over 1,500 teachers trained to teach online
  • Over 10 virtual tools that promote online education