Blackboard makes it easy to develop an ecosystem that serves all of our students. Blackboard has helped us solve many different issues and address a number of university goals.

Sherry Olsen
Vice Chancellor, Online Division
Keiser University

Developing High-Quality Digital Learning Environments

For Keiser and each of its 21 physical campuses, it was essential to deploy Blackboard university-wide while also offering the ability for each campus to personalize the learning experience for their specific students. The university took full advantage of the easy-to-use customization tools available within Blackboard Learn, ensuring that each campus could meet its campus-specific needs without losing out on university-wide integrations.

Making Content Accessible for All Students

While Keiser acquired Blackboard Ally for the purpose of helping assess the accessibility of course content for students requiring accommodations, Olsen found its usefulness has extended to all of Keiser’s learners. Olsen provides the example of adult learners utilizing Blackboard Ally’s alternative formats capability whereby students can convert recorded lectures into written transcripts that can be read and documents into audio files for listening—all in support of individual learning preferences.


  • Attain historically high 2020 retention rates in a year most colleges experienced a decline.
  • Easily adapt to unexpected events like COVID-19.
  • Gain increased visibility and accountability across the university


  • 21 campuses in the State of Florida, Nicaragua and China; the main campus is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • 19,500 FTE
  • Anthology products: Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Analytics, Blackboard Assessment & Accreditation Solution, Anthology Ally, and Anthology Help Desk