Success can be measured by feedback from instructors. They feel at home. They enjoy the platform and find it user-friendly, and there are no critical issues for our technical team. We get great support from Blackboard.

Alya Rashed Mohammed Al Mehrezi
Senior Business Analyst, IT Department
Khalifa University


  • Achieving a timely and seamless LMS platform migration
  • Supporting hybrid learning with effective faculty and student onboarding
  • Managing grading & reporting efficiently
  • Accessing real-time and accurate data to drive student engagement


  • By providing 24/7 technical support to the Centre of Teaching and Learning, we successfully onboarded all faculty members.
  • Introduced a new grading template designed around a tailored rubric
  • Accurately assess LMS usage with Blackboard Data platform


  • Smooth migration-"As Blackboard handled the whole migration process on our behalf, it lifted the burden on our team and enabled us to focus on other priority areas to secure service continuity"
  • No more manual grade management- "To allow full grade visibility, we established a connection between the SIS and Blackboard Learn"


  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • 3,000 FTE
  • 400 instructors
  • Anthology products: Blackboard Learn​, Blackboard Data