Our staff like that their courses look cleaner, their content is at most three clicks away, and new features are introduced all the time, It's amazing to see how quickly Anthology is developing Blackboard Learn Ultra, and we really appreciate the work that Anthology is doing to keep us up-to-date with the latest developments via the monthly office hours and Blackboard user group webinars.

Rob Farmer
Learning Technology Manager
University of Northampton


  • To offer active learning on- and off- campus they needed to redesign courses.
  • Adapt to shift in content consumption (from desktop to mobile devices).
  • Comply with accessibility regulations.


  • Phased approach-Cohort-based, three-year rollout plan, beginning with an early-adopter pilot.
  • Academic staff got time to attend training, contemplate their course design approach, and thoughtfully create their courses in Learn Ultra.


  • Faculty satisfaction, "Learn Ultra is critical to the success of this university. We find Learn Ultra the best VLE to support the needs of our innovative and forward-thinking university.“.
  • Mobile responsiveness and accessibility, "It's intuitive, mobile-friendly, device-agnostic, responsive, and accessible.".


  • Northampton, Northamptonshire, England
  • 12,060 FTE
  • Anthology products: Blackboard Learn​ Ultra, Blackboard Ally