March 2021 Release

Educator Insights Blackboard Learn SaaS Release 3900.8.0

This month's release features enhancements for EMAIL and SMS notification messages for all Users and an improved grading flow for Instructors using rubrics.

This post is designed to provide an educator lens over relevant new features and updates provided by Release 3900.8.0 of Blackboard Learn SaaS. These new features are available on production as of 4 March 2021. Full release notes including API updates and bug fixes

Administrators and Learning and Teaching Support Staff will find this information helpful as they work on change management with their end-users.



EMAIL and SMS notification messages in the user's chosen language

Impact: All

We have made system notifications in Learn more accessible and user-friendly by using the USER'S chosen language for all email and SMS notification messages. System notification emails were previously sent in the language configured as the SYSTEM DEFAULT in Learn (both Ultra and Original). This aligns with our vision of making Learn more aligned to individual choice wherever possible.

EMAIL and SMS notification messages in the user's chosen language


Improvements to the assessment grading flow using Rubrics

Impact: Instructors

Instructors can more easily use rubrics to mark assignments by viewing the submission and the rubric at the same time. Previously, if an assignment had a long description, the Instructor had to scroll down to see the submission and again scroll up to see the rubric. This enhancement, as well as the new tab navigation, significantly improves grading flow for Instructors.

A walkthrough of the new Learn Ultra tabs and grading navigation: