February 2021 Release

Educator Insights Blackboard Learn SaaS Release 3900.6.0

This month's release features a new Tab Navigation for assessments.

This post is designed to provide an educator lens over relevant new features and updates provided by Release 3900.6.0 of Blackboard Learn SaaS. These new features are available on production as of 11 February 2021. Full release notes

Administrators and Learning and Teaching Support Staff in an Institution will find this information useful as they work on change management with their end-users. 


This update is short and sweet. We look into the New Tab Navigation for Blackboard Ultra Learn. 

Impact: Students and Instructors

Instructors and Students will enjoy a new UX when they navigate in the assessment view. The New Navigation Tab brings a much greater depth of insight and engagement into the assessment experience. The New Navigation Tab is on righthand of the view, helping the users to identify all the options/features available in the current assessment in one place.
New Tab Navigation

This includes; Rubrics, Originality Report, and Feedback - Instructor and peer. These options will be available to users (student and instructors) once the student sends in their first submission. 

  • Originality Report Tab: users will be available to select between two service providers (SafeAssign and Turnitin). 
  • Rubrics tab: users will be available to grade the assessment with the rubrics (in the instructor workflow) and check the grades that have been assign by the instructor to each criterion (in the student workflow). Finally, instructors can easily execute the override and the undo override actions.  
  • Feedback: the instructor can add general feedback about the assessment.