Learn Ultra helps us support content and assessment delivery, engage the campus beyond the traditional classroom, and provide flexible instruction expected by our students.

Mariann Hawken, D.M., UMBC
Mariann Hawken, D.M.
eLearning Coordinator
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Reason for moving to the Ultra experience: 

“We moved to Learn Ultra to eliminate downtime and increase stability while offering our campus the new, fresh look and feel of Learn Ultra.”

Transition timeline:

  • Summer 2017 – Moved to Saas from Managed Hosting
  • May 2018 – Turned on the Ultra Base Navigation for summer semester

  • Fall 2018 – Offered Dual Course Mode so instructors could choose the course experience they wanted to use 

    • Initial set of interested faculty members are teaching live Ultra courses

    • All 800 faculty have Ultra course preview shells to try it

    • Conducting faculty training on the Ultra Course View

    • Promoting Learn Ultra through Shared Governance, Faculty Advisory Group, campus events, social media, and more

  • Spring 2019 – More than 100 faculty opted to use the new Ultra Course View resulting in 145 courses being taught using the Ultra Course View

Perspective on Learn Ultra:

“We received positive student feedback on the Ultra Base Navigation. They especially like the aggregated calendar view with due dates for graded activities, the clean simplicity of the interface, and the overall brightness of it.”

“We continue to conduct Ultra Experience boot camps and have had great results—between Fall 2018 and Spring 2019, we saw a 900% increase in Ultra Course View adoption."

“Ultra is very easy to use; it is easy to learn and start using. If converting a course, there are pedagogical considerations faculty should be prepared to think about; we see this as a good opportunity to rethink the course presentation.”

“Learn Ultra really promotes engagement. Collaborate is infused more deeply and clearly, and the embedded analytics are much richer and more readily accessible.”