We are a part of the City of Louisville’s 55,000 Degrees (55K), a program to advance our citizens’ education achievement. Learn Ultra and Collaborate Ultra help us attract and educate students in order to deliver on these 55K goals.

Alicia Dunlap
Alicia Dunlap
Assistant Director, Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning
University of Louisville

Reason for moving to SaaS and Ultra: 

“We decided to move to SaaS and Learn Ultra to eliminate downtime, offer our users a powerful mobile experience, and to move towards the newer, more advanced user interface of Learn Ultra.”

Transition timeline:

  • August 2018 – Moved from Managed Hosting to SaaS
  • August 2018 – Enabled the Ultra Base Navigation
  • Fall 2019 – Piloting the Ultra Course view

Perspective on Learn Ultra:

“SaaS has taken things off our plate so we can focus on moving the institution forward. It’s been very smooth for us and I wouldn’t go back.”

“Our faculty advisory committee voted to move to SaaS and the Ultra Base Navigation. They believed that the value of advances like increased responsive design and no downtime were worth asking faculty to adapt to a new look and feel.”

“We love what the Ultra Base Navigation looks like. It was the first thing students responded to. Just changing the look to make it so modern had that a tremendous effect even though everything in the background [courses] remained the same.”

“One of our professors shared that the increased interoperability between Bb products has made things much smoother—workflows are more consistent and make more sense and are carried across the board.”


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  • 19,500 FTE
  • Blackboard client since 1991
  • Blackboard products: Learn Ultra, Collaborate Ultra, Ally, and Analytics
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