SaaS Deployment. Minimize Downtime, Maximize Learning.

Today, teaching and learning never stops. Eliminate downtime — and breathe a sigh of relief —  with the SaaS (Software as a Service) deployment for Learn. Provide your students and educators with the latest enhancements as soon as they become available—no upgrades needed.  Plus, have the option to enable the Ultra experience characterized by simplified workflows, a modern look and feel, and a fully responsive interface. 

Over 800 Learn clients across 49 countries are benefiting from SaaS deployment

How Do I Make the Move to SaaS?

We make the move to SaaS simple and seamless for you. With over 800 SaaS clients to date, the path to SaaS is clear.

Join a SaaS Planning Workshop

Ready to start planning your move to SaaS? Our free SaaS Planning Workshop will provide you with step by step guidance as well as the resources needed to plan a successful migration. You will have direct access to our product experts as well as peers moving along a similar path, to ensure all your questions are answered.

Schedule your Transition to SaaS

Interested in scheduling your move to SaaS? Our team is prepared to help. Just provide us a few details and our team will be in contact with the next steps. You’ll soon be on your way.

Consider the Ultra Base Navigation

More and more institutions are choosing to enable the Ultra Base Navigation when they migrate to SaaS to provide a more engaging, efficient, and enjoyable experience for their students and instructors - without having to change their courses! Students and instructors can continue using the Original courses they are using today, while benefiting from a more modern, personalized, and intuitive experience navigating Learn.

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