March 2020 Release

On March 5, 2020, the Learn SaaS release v3800.4.0 was released to Production environments.

Highlights of the release include: 

Ultra Base Navigation:

  • Course ID displays with Course Name – The Course ID now appears along with the Course Name on the Courses page of the Ultra Base Navigation, in the Calendar, and when copying course content.

  • "Edit course image" option moved – The “Edit course image” option has been moved to the overflow menu at the top-right corner of the course tile.

Ultra Course View:

  • Calculated formula question type – The highly-requested Calculated formula question type has been added to Ultra assessments. Instructors can convert existing Calculated Formula questions from their Original Courses, or can create new ones within their Ultra Course.

  • All "Create Item" panel options display by default – To make options easier to find and access for instructors creating new content on the Course Content page, all options in the “Create Item” panel will now open by default rather than just the “Course Content Items” options. 

  • Discussion conversion improvements – Now converting an Original graded Discussion to Ultra is even easier, requiring little to no manual intervention.

  • Option to make Messages read-only for students – Administrators can choose whether students are able to create and reply to messages.

  • Eliminated overdue notifications for submissions collected offline – Students will no longer receive overdue notifications for Ultra Assessments that use the “Collect Submissions Offline” setting.

  • Text editor word count – When instructors create documents and students respond to essay questions, they will be able to take advantage of the new word count that has been added to the text editor.

  • Text updates that increase usability and clarity – We’ve updated the text prompts around adding YouTube videos, creating and answering Matching questions, and activating the Ultra Base Navigation to improve the experience for all users.

  • Ultra Extension Framework updates – These updates to the Ultra Extension Framework add capabilities for banners, modals, and notifications. Partners can dynamically create banners within the Ultra UI to display data to the user while the user is within a course. We also added the ability to notify users in a course through blocking modals, dynamic guidance messages, and notifications.

View all the details in the Learn SaaS release notes