June 2020 Release

This month, the phased release of Bb Annotate for inline grading continues. Plus, the Learn SaaS release v3800.11.0 was released to production environments. Highlights of these include: 

Ultra Course View:

  • Journals – This highly-requested feature is now available in the Ultra Course View. Instructors can create a journal assignment, add it to learning modules, apply conditional release, grade it, and include a rubric. Journal assignments appear in the Activity Stream. Students and instructors can discuss the entry in the Comments section below the student’s journal entry. Plus, this is just the beginning. There's much more functionality planned for later this year.

  • Discussions included in “Copy Content” – The “Copy Content” tool has been expanded to include Discussions, so instructors with a discussion in one Ultra course can now copy it to others.

  • Students can embed media from integrated tools – Students can now add links and embed media from integrated tools using the Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) standard. When using the content editor in tools such as Discussion Boards and Assignments, students will now be able to access a list of integrated LTI Tools, choose resources, and include them in their authored content. This will allow students to add media and resources from tools such as Kaltura, among many others. Administrators must configure which tool placements are appropriate for student use and access.

  • Score per question – Instructors can now deactivate the “Score per Question” assessment default to choose not to show score per question feedback.

  • Bb Annotate for inline grading – The phased release of Bb Annotate for Inline Assignment Grading continues this month. Bb Annotate offers a robust feature set including a sidebar summary view, freehand drawing tools, and various color selections. It replaces the New Box View integration in both Original and Ultra Course Views. To find out more, visit the Bb Annotate Communication & Adoption Toolkit and the Bb Annotate release plan.

View all the details in the Learn SaaS release notes