July 2020 Release

The Learn SaaS release v3800.13.0 was released to production environments on July 2, 2020.

Highlights include:

Ultra Base Navigation & Ultra Course View:

  • Administrator support panel – It's now even easier for administrators to find self-help resources while in Learn Ultra. Just select the help icon in the lower-right corner to access this new support panel that provides quick links to Blackboard Help, Behind the Blackboard links and more.
  • System permissions for brands – With this release, we’ve added two new system permissions—View Ultra Settings and Change Ultra Settings—to allow more granular access to certain areas of the Admin Panel.
  • API updates - We’ve added the ability to provide public APIs to Read Institutional Hierarchy Nodes, and APIs to access and manage user avatars.

Ultra Course View:

  • Course Discussion improvements – To further simplify workflows, instructors can now decide if they want students to generate their own discussions or not. By default, students won’t be able to create discussions. When students are allowed to create discussions, a label appears under discussion titles to show they were student-created. Additionally, the grader role now requires permission from the administrator to modify a discussion, and students are able to delete their discussions given no one else has responded.
  • Bb Annotate for inline grading – This month completes our phased release of Bb Annotate for Inline Assignment Grading. Bb Annotate offers a robust feature set including a sidebar summary view, freehand drawing tools, and various color selections. It replaces the New Box View integration in both Original and Ultra Course Views. To find out more, visit the Bb Annotate Communication & Adoption Toolkit and the Bb Annotate release plan.

View all the details in the Learn SaaS release notes