With SaaS, we get increased stability, data recovery, and faster roadmap delivery. Plus, we’ll have access to Learn Ultra which offers simplified workflows and a modern look and feel.

Dr. Esin Caglayan
Dr. Esin Caglayan
IUE’s Teaching and Learning Center
Izmir University of Economics

Reason for moving to SaaS: 

Meet user demands for a more modern user interface.

Mitigate technical service costs.

Gain easier and faster access to new releases.

Transition experience:

  • June 2019 – Moved to SaaS from Managed Hosting

  • Fall 2019 – Planning the deployment of Learn Ultra

  • 2020 – Expecting to pilot Learn Ultra

Perspective on SaaS:

IUE decided to move to SaaS deployment as it “promises to eliminate downtime during updates and allows us to get new features, enhancements, and fixes on a regular basis.”

IUE is highly anticipating Learn Ultra’s more user-friendly environment, along with simplified workflows. and a more modern look and feel.

“It’s been a smooth transition to SaaS. The few issues that came up were quickly taken care of by the migration team and Blackboard staff.”

IUE is planning its move to Learn Ultra by participating in the Learn Ultra Cohort and organizing a pilot. Outreach and communication will be the main component of their rollout plan — to ensure faculty are prepared for the change.


  • Located in Izmir, Turkey

  • 8,000 FTE

  • Blackboard client since 2015

  • Blackboard products licensed: Learn, Collaborate, Mobile and Analytics

eBook: 7 Client Pe