With SaaS deployment, we don’t have to worry about capacity or availability. In other words, we are no longer limited—our capacity for learning innovation is now unhindered.

Javier Apat
Javier Apat
Chief Information Officer
Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires

Reason for moving to SaaS: 

“We wanted to shift our team’s focus from managing the technology itself to improving the educational experience.”

Transition experience:

  • August 2018 – Moved to SaaS from Managed Hosting

  • "The migration to SaaS—inclusive of more than 3,500 courses and 8,000 users—was completed in 24 hours."

Perspective on SaaS:

“The migration to SaaS was one of the best migrations I’ve experienced at the University.”

“Our IT team needs to focus on our core business—education. With SaaS, we have more time to focus on efforts that will improve how learning tools are used by our faculty and students.”

“Increased instructor adoption, deeper instructor adoption, and student satisfaction are three of the most prominent benefits attained by moving to SaaS deployment.”

“Having certainty that the platform will be available at all times is key given Learn is expected to be used by faculty and students as their tool of choice.”


  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 5,000 FTE