Moving to SaaS was effortless; there was not much to it.

Kimberley N. Stevenson
Kimberley N. Stevenson, Ed.D.
Director of Distance Education & Teaching Excellence
Elizabeth City State University

Reason for moving to SaaS: 

Demand for new features & consistent look & feel. “Our faculty want access to the latest features and functionality.”

Eliminates downtime. “There is no good time to take Learn down for upgrades.”

Transition experience:

  • December 2017 – Moved to SaaS from Learn Managed Hosting 
  • December 2017 – Rolled out Ally & Collaborate

Perspective on SaaS:

“There was pressure to move to a competitive LMS; but when we saw Ultra, we thought this is what we are looking for. Plus, we are well supported by Blackboard, feel that they understand us, and are willing to work with us.”

“Our Service Delivery Manager (SDM) would regularly keep us informed regarding our migration to SaaS; Blackboard did just about all of the migration work.”

“Eliminating downtime is a huge advantage of SaaS. As a Managed Hosting client, we would need to take the system down for upgrades and fixes—and we just couldn’t afford to do that any longer.”

“Integrating technology into education is core to our mission, so a major driver for moving to SaaS was Ultra—with its new look and functionality.”

“Having a consistent user experience across Learn, Collaborate, Ally, and other apps is critical to improving our student and instructor experience.”