The benefits of SaaS are numerous: zero downtime, equal if not faster speeds, disaster recovery, and we are now always on the latest release.

Michael Shelmet
Michael Shelmet
Director of Instructional Technology
Drexel University

Reason for moving to SaaS: 

Disaster recovery. “Provide a more robust disaster recovery solution.” 

Ultra experience. “Our goal is to eventually be on Ultra; this is the path to get there.”

Transition timeline:

  • Moved from self-hosted to SaaS in December 2017.
  • “The move to SaaS went much faster and smoother than ever expected. We had a couple of minor issues, but not a single major one.”
  • “I give the highest praise to our Blackboard team. Our Service Delivery Manager was always on point.”

Perspective on SaaS:

"The move to SaaS went much faster and smoother than ever expected."

“We used to have the equivalent of 3 FTE managing Learn. These staff are now able to focus on other tasks for the university.”

“Thorough planning and testing all aspects – data migration, 3rd party integrations, authentication, etc. – in partnership with the Blackboard technical team was critical to our successful move to SaaS.”

“No one has said a bad word about our move to SaaS, and that’s amazing. Faculty concerns were alleviated and expectations set via frequent communication. We emailed faculty/staff, built a webpage, and hosted workshops.”