Both faculty and students find the Ultra Course View more visually appealing and user friendly.

Geoff Price of Belmont University
Geoff Price, Ph.D.
Director of Instructional Technology
Belmont University

Reason for moving to the Ultra experience: 

Learn Ultra helps Belmont attain its goal of enabling faculty to utilize technology to maximize student learning by offering:

  • More frequent, less intrusive system updates with minimal to no downtime
  • Instant access to new enhancements
  • A new, more powerful user interface

Transition timeline:

  • Summer 2017 – Moved to SaaS and the Ultra Base Navigation from Managed Hosting
  • Summer 2017 – Offer both Ultra and Original courses via the Dual Course Mode and began offering faculty training using a 5-stage process of Review, Assessment, Consultation, Conversion & Training

Perspective on Learn Ultra:

“Our campus community is benefiting from Ultra as it is more personalized, proactive, and intuitive.”

“Offering both Original and Ultra Courses has allowed for a group of early adopters to form who advocate the benefits of the Ultra Course View and help train their peers on it.”

“With our SaaS deployment, we receive more updates more frequently which keeps our system functioning at an optimal level.”

"Belmont is using Blackboard to meet goals beyond course delivery. Collaborate has become the standard for faculty and staff interviews and Organizations are being leveraged to deliver departmental training."