We have 5 colleges with varying schedules which was making it increasingly difficult to find windows for updates and new releases.

William McKinney of Baylor College of Medicine
William McKinney
Blackboard System Administrator
Baylor College of Medicine

Reason for moving to SaaS: 

  • Minimizes downtime
  • New features and fixes faster
  • Maximizes resource time
  • Improves user experience

Transition experience:

  • Fall of 2016 - Moved to SaaS 
    • “Migration went smoothly. We first migrated our August courses and migrated the remaining courses after.”
    • “The Blackboard migration team did a fantastic job. We were very pleased.”
  • January 2019 - Turned on the Ultra Base Navigation

Perspective on SaaS:

"Our migration  to SaaS went smoothly and the Blackboard team did a fantastic job."

“Our faculty like continuous delivery. We no longer have to wait for a release to get new features and bug fixes. We get them immediately and in smaller, manageable chunks.”

“I am a one-man show. SaaS, by minimizing my system management role, allows me to focus more time on training and instructional design.”

“It’s easy to fall behind with technology these days. SaaS ensures that you and your institution have the latest and most powerful learning environment available.”

”Moving to Ultra Base Navigation has allowed us create a unique Institution page for each School and their Programs, putting critical accreditation material where it’s easily seen. Faculty and students have enjoyed the refreshed look and feel of the Ultra Base Navigation as well as the easier access and more efficient work flows.”