Learning Essentials

Ready to begin or grow your institution’s online offering? Our Learning Essentials solution is the first step toward a more engaging digital learning experience. With our powerful learning management system and collaborative learning environment, you’ll have the tools you need to reach students when, where, and how they want to learn. Many institutions have seen exponential gains in student performance and retention rates as a result of increased student engagement in the campus online learning environment.

Learning Essentials

Put these core elements to work

  • Analyze data and turn it into actionable information
  • Course creation, delivery, and management
  • Course assessments, grading, and plagiarism prevention through SafeAssign
  • Enterprise surveys
  • Social learning and Blackboard’s Global Learning Network
  • Global Learning Object Repository
  • Portfolios
  • Mobile access
  • Blackboard Adoption Services
  • Flexible delivery options, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), self-hosted, and Blackboard hosted

Meet students in an integrated learning environment

With the Learning Essentials solution, your institution can:

Make learning more personalized

Provide customized and flexible learning options with integrated collaboration tools.

Communicate effectively and accessibly

Deliver high levels of access and support through streamlined communications.

Increase student

Boost learning outcomes and engagement with unparalleled online collaboration capabilities.

What's Included

Next Steps

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