Instant Meetings. HD Quality. No Downloads.

With Blackboard Collaborate, organizations, employees and training professionals can communicate, interact and truly engage with each other—formally and informally—anywhere, anytime.

Better Training & Collaboration

Effective web conferencing offers cost savings by streamlining onboarding, communications, and services, and reducing travel. Get training that’s at least as good as in-person instruction and conference calls, while retaining and engaging employees.

A woman types on her laptop.

Develop Pre-Set Session Plans

Save time by organizing, scripting and packaging your content and activities before your live web conferencing session.

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Automate Your Sessions

When you automate the routine tasks of running your conferencing session, you can focus on real-time interactions.

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Provide Mobile Web Conferencing

With our mobile solution your users can easily join a web conference or training session on their favorite devices.

Success Stories

Blackboard helped us increase specialty oil sales from 20 percent to 45 percent in two years.

Ken Barber
Manager, Learning & Development
Jiffy Lube International

Blackboard Collaborate is the only virtual conferencing product that's all about learning.

Becky Pluth
President & CEO
The Bob Pike Group