Blackboard Ally for Websites: Making Content Accessible Online

The quality and usability of design plays a key part in making sure a visitor stays on a site. Creating more accessible content can help improve the digital experience for everyone.

Making Your Web Content Accessible

Blackboard Ally for Websites helps organizations gain immediate insight into the accessibility of their website content and determine the best path forward to creating a more inclusive web environment.

Blackboard Ally Alternative Formats

A New Way to Engage Your Audience

Blackboard Ally for Websites now offers automatically generated alternative formats for your website content and any embedded or linked files to give your users added flexibility and choice.

Blackboard Ally for Web Reporting

An Easier Way to Track Accessibility

Use your Website Accessibility Report to automatically check your website content for potential accessibility issues against our accessibility checklist based on key areas of the WCAG 2.1 A.A. standard.

Take your website to the next level.