Blackboard School Safety

Blackboard School Safety consists of products and services that assist with your safety and security efforts.

Manage the Three Stages of Crisis With Blackboard’s Help

School safety can be impacted by a wide range of events like weather, bullying, active shooters, drugs, gang activity, theft, vandalism and more. You need a system that assists you at all stages of crisis: before they occur, while they are happening, and after the event is over.

Safety List

Safety List

Supplement your old paper 3-ring binder with a digital checklist that's accessible from any device, and can be shared with your crisis response team.

Desktop and Mobile Device

Active Incident Website

Use an on-demand website to help control the flow of information to your community.

Mobile Phone

Tip Reporting & Management

Support situational awareness by proving students, staff, and others with an easy way to report concerns.




Tools that support your response team coordination, and help you manage the story that is being told.

The Stages for School Safety Incident Preparedness

A clock and a checklist.



Improve preparedness with highly accessible tools that facilitate training, drills, awareness, documentation and collaboration

Situational Awareness

Increase knowledge through community tip submissions, observing and assessing threats and taking appropriate action to avoid those threats by reviewing preparedness procedures

Flashing light indicating an alarm.


Damage Assessment

Help identify the threat, and take immediate, informed action. Coordinate with internal safety team, delegate tasks as needed and determine the way forward. 

Work With First Responders

Helps to communicate with emergency medical technician, police officers, firefighters so they can help, treat, and identify injured students.




Conduct an in-depth analysis of the entire incident and evaluate your response using video, activity logs, and communication records. Assist with official investigation through evidence handoff. 


Communicate with your community to begin the process of recovery.

Blackboard School Safety Solution

Blackboard School Safety provides tools that create safer schools without sacrificing student learning and well-being.

Principal Making a Plan


Digital Crisis To-Do List
Digital checklists that help your response team coordinate during a crisis. 

Anonymous Tip Reporting
Students, staff and parents can report safety concerns anonymously from anywhere. 

Threat Levels
Pre-configured lockdown options for scenarios ranging from snow day door locking to complete active shooter lockdown. 

Social Media Manager
Share your story and interact with your community from all your school and district social networks

Children at Fire Drill

Solutions During a Crisis

Group Talk
Conference call services for keeping open lines of communication across your entire crisis response team. 

Active Incident Website
Help reduce confusion by routing web traffic to a single source of information during an emergency. 

Tip Routing
Notify appropriate people on your team based on the type of tip submitted. 

Web Community Manager
Stunning branded school and district websites provide easy online access to important information. 

Mass Notifications
Create one message and publish it across every channel including voice, text, email, social website and more. 

Mobile Communications App
Share student, school and district news through a native branded app. 

Teacher Communication
Help create an environment for teachers to communicate safely with parents and students.

Group discussion on safety response.

Post Crisis Analysis

Group Track
Data to support your post-incident analysis and investigation. 

Response Logging
Enable your team to gather insight into who responded to a tip, how quickly, and what actions were taken.

Blackboard School Safety is not intended to replace professional first responder services or replace notification to first responder services. The primary recourse in the event of any actual or potential threat to person or property should be to contact all appropriate first responder services.

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