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Rapid Online Analytical Reporting: Powered by Blackboard Data

​​​​​​Blackboard’s Rapid Online Analytical Reporting (ROAR) packages offer a range of themed datasets that can be handed straight to decision-makers, with rapid deployment to accelerate your success.

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For Decision Makers

​​​​​​As the use of educational technologies increases within and across institutions, more and more data is generated, and this can be used to inform decisions that can make students, instructors, and institutions more successful.

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Data at Your Fingertips

​​​​​​Access ready-to-use insights without having to build your own reports or wait for institutional developers to become available.

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Datasets Built Around Common Institutional Goals

​​​​​​ROAR packages are themed to align to common goals in the business of education including Student Engagement, Advising & Academic Support, Faculty Support & Class Management.

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Rapid Deployment

​​​​​​This solution can be deployed very quickly; typically in less than two weeks.

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Actionable Data

​​​​​​The datasets are designed for relevant institutional roles and external stakeholders.

For Business Intelligence & Institutional Research Teams

​​​​​​We know that IT departments have to wear a lot of different hats, and sometimes there simply isn’t the time to add data analysis to your load. ROAR packages are here to help your stakeholders get the information they need quickly and easily, leaving you to focus on strategic priorities.

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Save Time and Resources

​​​​​​Pre-built datasets aligned to common institutional goals so that you don’t have to build from scratch.

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Your Data, Your Way

​​​​​​Connect your ROAR dataset to your preferred business intelligence tools for more control over access and visualisation.

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Data from Across the EdTech Platform

Powered by Blackboard Data, ROAR packages include insights from Blackboard Learn, Collaborate and Ally (where licensed).

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